FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What do you offer that the VOQ/BOQ, a Hotel, or Extended Stay does not offer?

  • washer & dryer in each house save $,
  • full kitchen & dining save $, have more space
  • patio & backyard cook out & have space to entertain
  • no sales tax avoid out of pocket hotel costs
  • peace & quiet no cramped living, or barracks type of noise
  • off post housing all houses within 10 mins. to either gate
  • easy billing pay your rent once a month

How much is the rent?

We typically rent our 2 bedroom homes to one or two tenants (classmates) or a family, & our 3 and 4 bedroom houses to 2-4 tenants. For classmates or colleagues sharing a home, houses and townhomes rent for the maximum per diem lodging rate per bedroom (per person). The current daily DoD Per Diem Rate for Sierra Vista & Ft. Huachuca can be found on our Per Diem Rate Query page.  DFAS will generally reimburse your lodging expenses up to the maximum rate.

For families, our homes are priced within the maximum gov’t lodging rate, or within the GSA Per Diem Rate.  The Max Government Per Diem Rate for Fort Huachuca resets every fiscal year, and the Maximum Lodging rate that DFAS will reimburse is according to the official GSA travel schedule.

Currently, our lowest daily rate for families is the per diem rate per night to rent an entirely furnished house including all utilities. Our furnished apartments are also available at this same rate per night. A Minimum Stay of 30 Nights is required for all of our furnished homes and apartments.

When is the monthly rent due?

Rent is based on the DoD per diem lodging rate for Ft Huachuca, Arizona & is due on the first of each month.  Payment up front is typical of all apartments, hotels, & extended stay in the local area.

What is your process for holding a furnished rental?

We take reservations in advance. Please contact us with your requested dates. We will make every effort to meet all of your Sierra Vista TDY Housing needs while you are visiting Fort Huachuca.

Can I report early to Fort Huachuca?

Normally, your orders will state whether or not you are authorized to report early. If they do not specifically say that you are not authorized to report early, you may report early. If they clearly state that early reporting is not authorized, do not report early because you may not get paid for the time you are at Fort Huachuca before your class date. Reserve Component personnel on Active Duty for Training (ADT) MAY NOT REPORT EARLIER
than the date your ARPERCEN orders specify.

Do you accept pets?

Currently, only a few of our house rentals and a few of our Furnished Apartments in Sierra Vista are pet friendly for an additional non-refundable deposit & pet cleaning fee.