Fort Huachuca Army Lodging

Fort Huachuca – BOQ/VOQ Army Lodging

Fort Huachuca IHG Army Hotels (formerly known as the Army MWR Lodging at Ft Huachuca) provides Bachelor Officer’s Quarters (BOQ) or Visiting Officer’s Quarters (VOQ) for students of the Military Intelligence Basic Officer’s Leader Course MI BOLC (MIBOLC) formerly known as the Military Intelligence Officer’s Basic Course (MIOBC), the Warrant Officer Advanced and Basic Courses (WOAC & WOBC), Counter Intel Special Agent’s Course (CISAC), and other TDY courses as well.  If space is not available on post, be sure to look at some of our furnished Fort Huachuca TDY Housing as an option while attending your course of study.

On Post Lodging, Fort Huachuca
Lower enlisted Soldiers and junior NCO’s may be required to stay in the barracks if space is available. NCO Academy students are normally required to stay in the barracks for their entire stay. Please check with the company to which you will be assigned for training before making any reservations.

Post Lodging on Fort Huachuca

Per the Joint Federal Travel Regulation (JFTR), uniformed service members must check with on-post lodging prior to arrival. If on-post lodging is available, the service member may accept or decline it. If declining available on-post lodging, then he/she is only entitled to lodging reimbursement up to the amount post lodging would have charged, instead of up to the Max Lodging Rate. If Army Lodging or a Lodging Success Provider (LSP) hotel is your first choice then you should make reservations as soon as possible. If you do not have the financial resources (Government Travel Card, personal credit card, or savings) to pay for 2-3 months of expenses living on the economy then Army Lodging should be your first choice. If you would prefer not to live in Army Lodging then do not make advance reservations.  See our Sierra Vista TDY Housing Condos & Apartments as a post lodging alternative.

Ft Huachuca Army Lodging frequently fills up prior to class start dates. You will still need to check in with Army Lodging upon your arrival. Please note that MI BOLC may require students to stay in post lodging or an LSP (lodging success) hotel, if available. MI BOLC students should NOT make any reservations until receiving permission from their chain of command. The current Max Per Diem Rate and Post Lodging Rates are below. Please check with your course cadre or Welcome Packet before making any reservations.

Fort Huachuca Army Lodging – International Hotels Group (IHG Hotels)
Building 43083
Fort Huachuca, AZ 85670

Fort Huachuca Privatization of Army Lodging (PAL) Program

Fort Huachuca’s on base lodging was recently privatized through an Army contract with International Hotels Group (IHG), in which the company was awarded a contract to renovate the facilities as part of a long term lease agreement.  The PAL Program is an Army initiative that includes about 20 Army Installations as part of their management plans to renovate post lodging facilities with private funds because the renovation of Army lodging through Department of Defense funds was deemed as un-forecasted requirement where long term facilities maintenance funds through the 2012-2013 Defense Budget & Authorization Bill were unavailable.